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Increase Your Email Marketing Deliverability,
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What Is Email Marketing & Deliverability?

Email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients.

Furthermore, email marketing campaigns, follow up sequences, drip campaigns, and transactional email allow you to create unique customer journeys and experiences with you and/or your brand


What Makes Email Marketing Effective?

A marketing campaign is only as good as its’ message, and how many people that campaign are able to reach (deliverability) with that message. You want to reach the inbox, not promotions or spam folders, and it all starts with email and domain authentication (DNS Settings). When setup properly, your email has the best chance of inbox delivery, then your message comes into factor. Using the right format of email message (html, plain-text etc.) is almost as important as the email itself. If your message comes across “spammy” with high use of key words, links, images, etc. you likely won’t get great results and your message will be filtered.

What Makes Up Good Email Campaigns?

An effective Email campaign has many components and Most ESP’s(Email Service Providers) allow for different types of emails and settings such as Broadcasts, Campaigns, Workflows, Automations,  Rules, Segments and more…

Reaching the inbox, however, isn’t just a quick upload, point and click setup like it once was. Inbox delivery and open rates are much lower (16-17% avg), and requires not only proper email campaign setup, but technical signatures and DNS settings for your domains as well, in order to achieve above average inbox and open and click-through rates (20-30% or higher).

All of of this needs to be customized for each business to ensure a unique customer journey for your customers, clients and subscribers. Not only will this make up an effective email marketing system, but will also help you grow and monetize your email lists as well. 

Broadcast Emails

This is your initial outreach email and should be a short, personalized email that garners interest and response.


Drip Sequences

This email is automatically sent a certain number of days after the initial email to those who have not taken action


Campaign Emails

These are the rapport building emails between you and your lead.


Email Authenticating

These are key technical settings that allow the recipient’s email provider to confirm the email’s validity and inbox placement.


Follow Up Emails

Follow up emails are setup to go out after a broadcast or campaign has been completed, and is meant to re-engage a recipient based on an email being opened or not opened.


Emails based on Actions

If a lead takes an action (or doesn’t) an email is sent based on that action or inaction. Example: A lead clicks a specific link in your email,  you can send an email regarding that action. Alternatively, if a lead does not click a link, you can send a different email or set of emails  based on not clicking a specific link, and so on.

Campaign Results That Matter

Campaign Results
Campaign Result
Campaign Results
Campaign Result

Can I Get The Same Results Using My Current Email Service?

Maybe, but not all Traditional ESP’s(Email Service Providers) were created equal. Some have more and/or better systems in place to safeguard their sending IP reputation, and therefore have and maintain better sender scores, IP health, and inbox delivery. Most ESP will require verification of how you obtained your emails, and require opt-in consent. Otherwise, emails quickly get marked as spam and your (and their) reputations are adversely affected.

Most ESP send emails in bulk on a daily bases (millions of emails), using shared IP addresses(some allow you to purchase dedicated IP addresses). Using shared IP addresses, means that your emails can be affected by the sending habits and results of others using those IPs. Therefore, you want to choose an ESP that has good IP health to begin with, and has but also monitors and enforces guidelines and procedures to maintain high domain and sending reputation.  

Depending on what ESP you are currently using, we may be able to continue using it, however often times we will recommend using a specific ESP to ensure you get the best results!


What to Expect


Increased Email Deliverability

Open Rates

Increased Open Rates


Increased Click Through Rates




Increased SALES

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