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How To Find Motivated Sellers On Facebook


By: Chris Lewis

Posted On: November 19, 2020

How To Find Motivated Sellers on Facebook With Custom Lists

With over 200 million US Facebook users, of which 35 million over the age of 55 (according to statista ) Facebook has become a top way to find Motivated Sellers.

Although there are 200,000,000 potential people who you can show your ads to in order to find motivated sellers on Facebook, you don’t necessarily want to advertise to ALL 200 million! You want to advertise to the ones who would benefit from seeing you ads. In order to find motivated sellers on Facebook, you want to target the exact type of motivated seller, which leads us to our next section…

Using Custom Lists to Find Motivated Sellers on Facebook

Facebook custom lists, or audiences, are exactly what they sound like – a custom list created to target a specific audience that allows you to reach a very specific type of person with your specific message, or service.

The method is pretty simple actually; You just upload a list with name, email, phone number and/or addresses that you want to specifically target with Facebook ads, and Facebook will match your list against their database, with an average of 50-80% match rate! This is why we think Custom Audience lists are one of the best ways to find motivated sellers on Facebook!

Chances are, if you are an active investor, agent, or wholesaler marketing to find motivated seller leads via other methods such as Ringless Voicemail, Voice Broadcast, Cold Calling, Direct Mail, etc., you likely already have a list with the information needed to create a custom audience, which you can upload into Facebook Ads Manager and start marketing to. The great part is, your target audience will see your ads, in addition to the other forms of marketing, and will create more credibility for you and your company as well, helping you to find motivated sellers on Facebook using your custom audience list.

Imagine you are a seller of a home people are trying to buy, and you get 10 post cards in the mail… Now, Imagine you also get a Ringless Voicemail Drop, and Facebook Ad as well. Which company do you think you’ll be more likely to call? Probably the one that is front of mind, and has contacted you via multiple methods, right?

The main thing to understand when targeting motivated sellers on Facebook, is that by doing so you are running ads at 100% efficiency! What this means, is that you ad spend is ONLY being used to show your ads to someone who is on that list, and is logged onto Facebook and scrolling through their feed!

What this means is you are not wasting any ad spend on unnecessary impressions. Every ad is placed on directly in front of the person it is intended for, which is a huge advantage, compared to creating an audience and hoping it is reaching the right target.

Do Custom Lists Always Work to Find Motivated Sellers on Facebook?

Look, you can have the best ad in the world and you could be selling the best widget in the world, at the best price possible, but if you are trying to sell widgets to someone who doesn’t want or need a widget, then essentially, you are wasting your time and money. Agree?

Same goes for using custom lists to find motivated sellers on Facebook. If you start with the wrong list, and are showing ads to people who really have no interest in your service, or product, then no it will not work. So make sure your list is solid, in order to ensure you have good results using custom lists to find motivated sellers on Facebook.

Makes Sense Right? So… What’s the Solution?

Simple, start with Quality Data Lists to ensure you are targeting the right audience with your ads! You don’t want to spend money sending ads to someone who, let’s say, just bought their home, or has little to no equity, or is a renter, and so on… By starting with the correct data, your chances of reaching the right audience, significantly increases!

Simply put… If you start with the wrong data list, then you will fail to find motivated sellers on Facebook using Custom Lists. Period.

Here’s What To Do Once You Have a Good Data List:

Just Follow these steps to build your custom audience on Facebook:

find motivated sellers on facebook
  1. Make sure to Format your list according to Facebook’s guidelines.
  2. Then, go to the Facebook Business Manager, and select “Audiences.” Then upload your .csv or .txt fie with your data list.
  3. Facebook will then match your data list to their database of corresponding Facebook users. This is usually done fairly quick, depending on the size of your list, however it can take up to 24 hours.
  4. Then, create your ad campaign and choose your custom audience and begin to test different ad variations to see which get the lowest CPC(cost per click).



The Great Thing about Custom Lists to Help Find Motivated Sellers on Facebook is Being able To Show Specific Messages to Your Target Audience.


Now, you are Ready to use Custom Lists to Find Motivated Sellers on Facebook!


If you would like to learn more, or are interested in having us run your campaign for you, just schedule a consultation with us!


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